How Car Locks Have Evolved Over The Years

Throughout the age of the automobile, cars have undergone many aesthetic and mechanical changes. The humble car lock is no exception.

It might surprise you to know that the very first cars were not actually ‘locked‘ in the modern sense of the word. Most had no locks at all as they were the expensive property of the very wealthiest in society who could afford a driver to stand guard over their vehicle when it was parked. Those who could not afford a driver, could have purchased a car with a locking system like the 1900 Leach Auto which had a detachable steering wheel similar to Mr. Bean’s mini cooper. Like Mr. Bean, once the driver had arrived at the intended destination, they could remove the steering wheel and take it with them in the sure and certain knowledge that their car was effectively useless to any would be thieves.

As the American boom of the 1920s gave rise to the mass produced Ford Model T, more people throughout the world became car owners which meant that car theft was on the increase and cars needed better security. And so the car industry produced the mechanical cylinder locks, some of which can still be seen today, which would continue to be used for the better part of the twentieth century. These simple locks sat in a cylinder and could be unlocked either by a set of pins that had to be raised to the correct height by the insertion of the right key and turning motion as in the ‘pin tumbler’, or a set of wafers that had to be pushed into place by the key and turning motion such as the ‘wafer tumbler.’

Unfortunately these mechanical locks were prime pickings for car thieves who could easily pick the lock with fake keys and a variety of tools. We took these tips from  Car Locksmith Gold Coast that was saying the Honda Civic is the easiest car to boost.  These locks could even be ‘bumped’ open by bumping the key and forcing the locks mechanical pins or wafers open with the use of a screwdriver or hammer. In fact before 1992, cars could just as easily be opened with the use of a device known as a ‘slim jim’ such as a metal ruler or coat hanger that could slide down the door window and effectively unlatch the lock as being lock picked.

Cars produced in the early 1990s were eventually fitted with a metal plate in the door to protect the lock, but times had moved on and as cars were becoming more fuel efficient and electronic, the car lock also underwent a modern electronic update. The earliest electronic locks still required the insertion of the car key to unlock, but following the millennium and the rise of the digital age, car manufacturers produced more intricate car locks that could be unlocked with a remote key fob, number pad and even a Bluetooth activated mobile phone.

The future of car locks looks set to follow the trend in the car industry of ever more convenient and high tech updates such as voice activation.

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Taking a look at the most popular garage toolsets on the market

There are lots of helpful things that a well-equipped garage can do for you along with making car work possible. It can help you make your car more effective and more enjoyable. There are different tools that are commonly being used in all the garages. If you have the right tools at your garage to deal with the minor car maintenance and repairs, you can save a lot of money.

There are most of the people who take help from the professional mechanics to solve the minor car issues and the mechanics charge them a huge amount of money for making these improvements. There are some most popular garage tools that you can keep at your home to avoid such expenses. These tools will also help you make some improvements at your home.

These tools can help you do lots of tasks properly such as building a new deck in your backyard or changing the oil of the car. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular garage tools that you must keep with you if you want to avoid losing money on minor repairs and improvements.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are commonly being used by the experts and the beginners as well. You must consider having a basic set of these tools in your home. A hammer, adjustable wrench, pliers, combination wrench set, a good socket set, and screwdrivers are included in these tools. You can also bring some other hand tools for your use along with these tools.

Wire strippers, mallet, utility knife, side cutters, and vise grips can be the additional hand tools that you may keep at your home. You should focus on building your collection of hand tools in the beginning if you don’t have a huge budget. Another remarkable thing about hand tools is that they don’t require much space as compared to the other power tools.

Power tools

Productivity is one of the greatest advantages of power tools. You can get more things done with the help of power tools without making enough effort.

You can also do many important things that aren’t possible with the simple hand tools. A cordless drill is one of the most versatile and essential power tools. It can help you make holes of different sizes.

Bench grinder Circular saw are some other worthy tools that you must keep in your garage. A Dremel tool is invaluable for the hobbyists. Each year the advancements in technology are bringing the more powerful models that are lighter than the previous tools.

Air Tools

You’re missing out if your garage doesn’t have an air compressor. Air tools can help you save a lot of time as compared to the hand tools. There are lots of difficult tasks that you can complete with the help of air tools without having to spend a lot of time.

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Symptoms of a bad torque converter

There are only a few people who know that torque converter is an essential element of your car that is responsible for passing on a limited amount of fluid to the automatic transmission. It is also responsible for providing sufficient power to your engine so that it may continue running while at a complete stop.

You may experience erratic behavior of your car, such as slipping and shuddering, if any problem occurs with the torque converter. Figuring out the exact reason behind the problems of the torque converter is a tedious task. The malfunction can be caused due to many potential reasons, and it might not be a fault of the torque converter.

So, here we’re going to talk about a few symptoms of bad torque converter so that you may find a proper solution for the problem at the right time. Here you’ll find more information about a bad torque converter.


Symptoms of a bad torque converter include dirty fluid, shuddering, high stall speeds, slipping, overheating, or strange noises. Be patient before making any decision because most of the times the cause of the problem may not be the torque converter. So, make sure that you check the transmission first before coming to a conclusion.


If your temperature gauge is overheating, then it could be a sign that the there is some problem with the torque converter. The transmission will overheat due to a drop in a fluid, therefore, one of the most common signs of torque converter issues is the overheating. Overheating can also be a sign of malfunctioning solenoid or low fluid levels, so make sure to check that first.


Another most common sign of torque converter problems is the shuddering at the speed of 30-45 MPH. It can clearly be noticed when running over the bumps or rough road. You should get your transmission checked immediately once you experience the shuddering for the first time.

Transmission slipping

The gear might start slipping if the transmission isn’t receiving enough fluid. And due to this problem, you’ll often experience a loss of acceleration. Your car’s fuel economy might also start dropping suddenly. If you experience any slipping, you must check the fluid first because ineffective fluid can also be the culprit.

Contaminants in fluid

If you find a huge amount of black material in the fluid, it means that your torque converter clutches are malfunctioned.

Strange sounds

Some unnecessary sounds may also be an indication of a bad torque converter such as clicking or a revving noise.

Increase stall speed

The stall speeds will be higher than normal due to the bad torque converter because it’ll take longer for the transmission to engage the engine. You can diagnose any torque converter problems by doing a stall speed test but before that, you should clearly know the stall speed specifications of your engine and the torque converter first.

These are the basic symptoms of a bad torque converter that can easily be diagnosed. So, make sure you check these problems before coming to a conclusion. Click here and learn more about a bad torque converter.

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Try these Bluetooth speakers for a better car racing experience

If you are a music freak then, of course, you want to keep headphones and speakers with you all the time. Bluetooth speakers are considered as the easily connected device so you can listen to your favorite music anywhere and you can let other people enjoy too.

Have a look at the best Bluetooth speakers of 2017 you can use in your car.


These are Bluetooth atv speakers and you are definitely going to be satisfied with the sound quality of these speakers. It has a key design but the best part about the speakers is that you will love the appearance of these speakers.

These are waterproof and with the improved sound. You will enjoy playing your favorite music in these speakers. After using it once you are definitely going to enjoy the advanced features of the Bluetooth speakers too.


When you are looking for the best speakers in the good price so you don’t have to invest again and again in the speakers then you should go for the flip 4. You can say that it’s a nice upgrade and you are going to like it with its improved features.

The sound of the speakers is of high quality and you still stay satisfied with the beat of the music. There will be no distortion in the sound and you can enjoy the music all the time wherever you go with the help of Bluetooth.


These speakers are offering both wire connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity to you. The sound impact in your car will be impressive and you can connect these speakers to the wi-fi as well. You can control it through the remote and it has buttons on the display too.

Buttons on the display have an ability to get the music from the different sources so you can listen to your favorite tracks anywhere.


This time Mega boom has come up with the long life of the speakers and the battery life is durable too. You don’t have to change the batteries after every few months because now you can use it as much as you want to and batteries will work for a long time.

The sound system of the speakers are amazing and you will get impressed with the performance. The water proofing system of the speaker is durable for the long term and if you have accidentally drop your speaker in water then they are still going to work.


If you have used this model before and you stay unsatisfied with the performance then you should go with the bose sound link color II now. It has improved sound system and you will enjoy the impact of the beat around you.

Bose sound link color II will give you all the features you are craving for and you will love how it can make you move on the tracks without any disturbance in the beat and you will get addicted to it.

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Looking to buy a comfortable brake pad? Follow these tips to find the right brake pads

No matter what kind of vehicle you are using, the point is that you have to maintain it at some point and especially when it comes to brake then you can’t compromise at all.

How to find the right brake pads

The perfect way to maintain your vehicle is to make sure that the brake pads you are using are the best one. Have a look at how you should choose it.


First, when you are about to choose the brake pad you should make sure it is according to your driving requirement. How many drives you do in a day and what is your speed of driving?

By keeping these facts in mind you should choose the power of brake pads which can fulfill the requirement of a vehicle as well.

During our research, these are the best brake pads we’ve seen on the internet.


When you are choosing a brake pad and your mechanic is going to fix it then you should take a drive with him to check the performance. If the steering wheel is vibrating and you are feeling pressure under your foot then ask him to change it immediately.

There is no way that you can compromise on brakes.


The right way to check the performance of the brake is that they shouldn’t make any kind of noise when you are using them during the drive. Noisy brakes are the sign that they will not work for the long term and you will need to replace them again after few time.

The right way to check the performance of the brake is that they shouldn’t make any kind of noise when you are using them during the drive. Noisy brakes are the sign that they will not work for the long term and you will need to replace them again after few time.

The brakes pad you are having should be smooth, easy to use and without any noise, so you can stay away from the annoying noise all the time when you are going to press it.


When you have replaced the brake pads then you should check the dust on your vehicle wheels. When your brake pads are working and you are observing that wheels are clean now then it means your brakes are not working efficiently.

If your brakes are working efficiently then there must be dust on the wheels.

You can ask this to your mechanic as well to check the wheels and let you know about the performance of the brake pads. Your mechanic should be reliable enough to guide you properly.


Depends on your driving you should understand what kind of quality you need to choose. Fully-Metallic, semi-metallic, ceramic or organic. For the daily driving semi-metallic brake pads are successful and you can use them in a long run.

The prices of semi-metallic are reasonable as well.

While ceramic pads are expensive due to the quality and but they come up with the warranty and long term use. Fully metallic has also an ability to work for the long term in any conditions.

You can go for the organic brakes pad too but these pads are not up to the mark when you want to go for the long tour.

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