The best gloves to use for racing

Have you ever wondered why the compartment on the dashboard is known as a glove box? Probably not. It is because, in the old days, every driver used to wear gloves for protection and comfort. As a racer, they are made to give you a better grip on the wheel, inhibit hand fatigue, protect the wheel from wearing and also for style. Here are some of the best gloves that should be on your must-use list.

Alpinestars Tech 1-ZX gloves

These gloves are among the few that fully comply with FIA homologation standards. They are made of excellent material, and their fine construction makes them significantly light. They have improved mobility, great grip-sensitivity and are extremely comfortable. Surprisingly, you can work your iPad without having to take them off. Don’t text and race though; we need you much longer. They retail at $199. If you find the price a bit high, you can go for the Tech 1-Z that goes for $149.

Alpha Impact gloves

What is better than some Italian- inspired threads? These bad boys are the ultimate experience. They are made beautiful with a unique parabolic pattern similar to latex gloves. As you drive, they eliminate the otherwise troublesome fabric seams from the palm area. They are an improvement of the impact G4 and Impact Axis which do some tremendous work as well. At a relatively costly cost of around $169, they are totally worth it.

G-force Pro Series gloves

If you are a professional but still mind your wallet, then these are made for you; they get the job done. They retail at only $89 and are made to meet high safety standards. They have the finest Nomex with leather all over the perm and fingers. The grip you have with them is magical.

Driven Skeleton gloves

The most notable and lovable feature about them is the finishing design. They look like skeletons that will for sure give you that supernatural driver kind of feeling. You will win that race. They come with 2 layers of Nomex for optimal fire protection. They also have palm grips and tips to give you a fine hold of the wheel. You can secure yourself a pair at $110.

Oakley FR

They also have a double Nomex layer. Nevertheless, they are breathable and light. Their perfect grip is not a product of luck. They have silicone patches printed on the fingers and the palm. With $130 at your disposal, you are sure to have them.

There are many brands of car racing gloves. As a professional, you should dedicate yourself to researching and finding the best that works for you. The above-highlighted brands will never disappoint. They are readily available in online stores or your nearest car-racing gear outlet. Acquire the one you feel most, get behind that evolution wheel and rave all the way to the finish line.